Panasonic Refrigerator Customer Care Gurgaon

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When Panasonic Refrigerator Customer Care Gurgaon Calls You For Feedback

Customer service department of any product or service based company, be it in the field of consumer electronics, play a pivotal role in establishing company as a leading brand in the market. While the main part of the role is to satisfy the customer for all queries they have for the company products, it is also important that the agent remain courteous and follows the principles and etiquettes of customer service. Companies like Panasonic invest a lot of time and money in training of its executives in making them knowledgeable about the product and inculcating the necessary technical and soft skills required during the process. Besides answering queries and taking the complaints  of the customers, another very important functional role of the Panasonic refrigerator customer care gurgaon is to take the feedback.

Name: Panasonic Customer Care
Address: Gurgaon, Delhi,Faridabad, Noida
Category: Panasonic Washing Machine Customer Care in Delhi
Phone: +91-9811-3431-36
Hours: Open Daily · 6.30 AM–10:00PM

This feedback could be taken after the sale of the product or after the delivery of repair or maintenance services. When it is taken after the sale of the product, which is usually done after a few days of the sale of the product, it is about verifying that the product is functioning fine and that the customer has understood its functioning in all respects. Another purpose served by feedback call is to know what all issues are being faced by the customer and provide for their solution.

The second type of feedback taken by Panasonic refrigerator customer care Gurgaon is about how the repair and maintenance task has been accomplished by the executive. This is a critical activity and has impact on a number of individuals and processes. Using this feedback, the company evaluates the process of service delivery to make it faster and better. This is also a feedback on the executive who has gone to attend to the service. If the service agent is aligned with any authorised service center, then this feedback will be used at company level for further improvement.

Panasonic Refrigerator Customer Care Gurgaon

Another purpose served by taking this feedback is that the customer feels his voice has a say and is being cared for. This given him or her the confidence to frankly tell his experience. And, if suitable action is also taken (which good companies do take) and then the same is also communicated to the customer, this is an effective way of turning him into a loyal one. This feedback is used for internal training purposes at different levels.

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